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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PST

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household bleach. the recommendation is 8 drops of bleach for ever gallon of water. you add 8 drops of bleach into the water and it needs to sit for 30 minutes. the other option is to boil water. you need to boil water for 5-10 minutes. after an earthquake that may not be an option as gas maybe turned off and we may not have power. the other thing is that puc will provide information as quickly as possible about recommendations about whether the water is okay to drink or need to treat it. we have a number of twice get information from the puc through twitter and facebook and our website sf >> people should not drink water from pools or spas. but they could use it to flush their toilets if their source
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are not broken. let's look at those issues. >> sanitation is another issue and something people don't usually or like to think about it but it's the reality. very likely that without water you can't flush and the sewer system can be impeded or affected during an earthquake. you need to think about sanitation. the options are simple. we recommend a set up if you are able to stay in your building or house to make sure that you have heavy duty trash bags available. you can set this up within your existing toilet bowl and once it's used. you take a little bit of our bleach. we talked about it earlier from the water. you seal the bag completely. you make sure you mark the bag as human waste and set it aside
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and wait for instruction about how to dispose of it. be very aware of cleanliness and make sure you have wipes so folks are able to wash up when dealing with the sanitation issue. >> thank you so much, >> commission adams. >> here >> brandon. >> here. >> murphy. >> here. >> wo oho. >> here. >> and katz. >> here. >> approval for the 2014 february 11th meeting. >> so moved. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> that i think there is one correction, sorry. >> it refers to some comments that i made and it says crude
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accounting, that i think it meant to say, accrual accounting. >> good catch, commissioners, we will make that change. >> okay, thank you. >> so, as amended? >> all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? >> minutes are approved as amended. >> okay. >> pledge of allegiance? [pledge of allegiance] >> please be advised that the ringing of and the use of cell phones and pagers and similar
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sound producing devices are prohibited at this meeting and be advised that the chair may order receipt moval from the room of any persons responsible for the ringing of or s use of a cell phone x pager or other similar sound producing devise, a member of the public has up to three minutes to make comment on each item unless the port commission adopts a shorter period on any item. item five, public comment on items not listed on agenda. >> and we have corin woods >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm hear with a request. that the 15-year review of the water front land use plan, which was technically due last year, be expedited. and prioritize so that it is
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available to the public preferably before the june third primary election. i think that it is really important that the public to understand the achievements of the port for the last five years since the last review and i think that it is really important to understand the challenges you face and the opportunities that are possibly ahead of you. and i hope that the staff can fit it in with all of the other things they have got going, because i really do think that you need to show how you have achieved a lot this last five years and how important and how relevant the water front land use plan is to the port and to the city, thank you. >> thank you. >> any other public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. call the next item. >> 6 a, executive director's report. >> good afternoon,
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commissioners, members of the public, port staff, thank you for joining us here today. commissioners i have a few items on my report today, and the first thing that i wanted to do was point out our lovely new monitors so that you probably can't see them, but for the benefit of the folks in the room we should have a little bit more clarity and our public presentations and also, it looks like the camera zoom in closer on amy and my faces which we will have to remedy quickly. and ilean is a little bit. but i am pleased about that and the equity office partners got new chairs and we have freshening in the commission room and my thanks to everyone involved in that, the first item on the report is to discuss mayor edwin lee's executive director on water conservation. in the wake of governor jerry brown's declaration related to the drought, the mayor lee issued a directive to the
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departments and i think that it is important to just review a couple of the attributes of that executive directive. there are five that i would like to mention, the first is that mayor lee has directed all of the departments to further reduce the consumption of water by ten percent. all departments are to develop a water conservation plan by august 1, 2014, all departments are to educate staff and visitors on water conservation practices. all departments are to explore the use of non-potable water for street cleaning and all departments are to develop alternative sources of water supply working for the san francisco public utilities commission. since the directive was issued on february 10, port staff has undertaken a number of measures so far, first and foremost we have established a water conservation task force within all of the multidivisions of the port so that we cannot only brain storm good ideas but also get them executed. secondly, we are in the process of conducting an assessment of our water use by port
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operations. to make sure that we can identify opportunities for new efficiencies. and we have posted water conservation notices and adherence to the directive at all of the port's offices at pier 1, 50 and south beach and fisherman's wharf and sent out notifications to the tenants, we have rolled out a new car wash plan it typically use recycling, but we will reduce so if they look dirty they probably are. we rolled out the new plan and we actually had one of our new machines that cleans the sidewalk but collects the water and reuse its so we are not wasting as much water as we have in the past. we are looking at upgrading some of our wash racks to a recycle system and we are looking at low flow fixtures and we are looking at different ways to irrigate port,
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landscaping and talking to the tenants and others about how to conserve water. and then, we have explored not rather successfully, but we explored the idea that potentially cruise ships could fill up their water outside of california, preferably to the northwest, unfortunately by the time they travel to san francisco they are in need of water, that is probably not a viable conservation measure. we explored the possibility of metering and charging supply to the fishing vessels and that turned out not to be work out and we are looking out for our other types of things. so we will be working on this in the coming months, i think that the public will notice some of our conservation efforts immediately and we will be reporting back to the commission as we develop a plan in accordance with the mayor's directive. >> the next thing that i wanted to report on is that the port is participating in a city wade
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series of tsunami training sessions that will culminate in an actual exercise in late march. so we have been working on a different attributes of a tsumani seminar and we posted the seminar with the local, state and federal agencies such as fema the coast guard and the california geological survey and many of the city's first responders to figure out what it looks like and since the entirety of the port lays inundated session, most is focusing on property. there will be a table top exercise next week where participants come together to discuss scenario and what out comes they may make, and then at the end of the month, march 26 to 28 there will be a three day functional exercise and the city's emergency operation's center will be stood up and opened and we will go through the drills of the tsunami alert and the warning period, and the
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tsunami response and the return to operations. and all of the port staff will be participating in various rolls and certain staff will be posted at the emergency operations center and i will be participating in something called the policy group which is a group that the mayor con convenients of the city department heads and advisers to give direction to the various city staff. and we would like to include all of you, in terms of as we would if it was a real world event in terms of the notification and so, if it is all right with you, we will be notifying you as the event unfolds as we would if it were real and within that notification, you will be able to provide us any direction or just find out what we will be doing or our part plug in to the joint communication center which is where the information usually comes out in an emergency, our po will participate in that for example. and so, towards the end of march i will try to give you another reminder and you will
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be getting a tsunami call if you don't want to participate, let me know, we thought that we need to test out the ability to reach out to the commissioner and make sure that you are in the loops. and i would like to thank samsum the director of homeland security. and the city exercises something large once a year and we are pleased that it is based on the port's operations and recovery, so we are happy about that. >> next, i would like to report on what we have been doing as part of black history month, we were honored to host a black maritime festival this past week on february 21, first during the month we have been able to show case some exhibitions of the african american freedom trail and there are wonderful banners hanging in pier one, it depicts the trail of the generations of black pioneers experienced since the 1700s when they came upon the shore of san francisco
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bay. this trail is a result of several scholarly conferences and it is sponsored by the national park service, and the african american freedom trial, the san francisco travel, and pier 39 and blue and gold fleet and many others, so if you have not had a chance to see the exhibition, it is hanging in the pier one lobby and encourage you to see it. on february 21st, we hosted the black maritime heritage festival and was cooked off by commissioner cohen and an historian provided an overview of the experience, which outlined the contributions by many black americans to california's rich maritime history, william alexander during the pregold rush era and it ended in march to the new statue of captain ledastorf, and it is located in pine
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street in the financial district. and we hope that it is something that we can continue going forward. also, been asked by the department of recreation and parks to announce that their summer san francisco resource fair will be march 8, at balboa high school from ten a.m. in morning to two p.m., this is the annual, festival and i am sorry, the annual resource fair where they put out all of their opportunities for children and families for the summer, and be the camps or the summer programs, or recreational programs. and there will be 160 exhibitions at balboa high school on saturday, march 8th from ten to two. >> and so, this marks the 6th year of sunday streets, and which opened in 2008, and so far there have been 44 sunday streets events covering 133 miles, and that is kind of cool. and the first sunday streets of 2014, will be held on sunday
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march 9th between eleven and 4 p.m. and it will run along the embarcadero at powell street through king's street and on to third and mission bay and so it ends pretty much at the southern point of the sea wall lot 337 and as usual, there will be a ton of activists along the embarcadero and people will be encouraged to walk, run and bike and whatever they like except use their car. and on sunday, march the ninth and the next sunday streets will be sunday, may the 4th, and that will connect the dog patch and the bay view neighborhoods and so i will be bringing up more of that as we get closer. next i wanted to mention that we just found out, late or early in the breaking news, i guess that it is, that the san francisco port is cruise travel's port of the month for its march and april 2014 addition. i don't think that this is actually... >> lower to get on the camera.
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>> that wonderful zoom. i don't think that it is actually on the news racks yet, is it niek? >>... >> so it is really a great four-page article which is locating the various sites within san francisco and those within a one mile radius of the cruise terminal and nearly every cruise line in the west coast have crewses that call on san francisco and lists out all 12 of them and encourages the passenger to call upon san francisco, so we are pleased about that and my kutoses to mike and the mari time team for making that happen for us, and i don't know if you can see it but it is a beautiful picture of one of the cruise ships on to the golden gate bridge and it does not get better than that. >> lastly, two more things and imented to make a plug and we talked about this at the last commission meeting but tomorrow at 5:30 we will be cutting the
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ribbon on the rise and the new art feature at the silos at pier 92 and it is supposed to rain and it will be a wonderful ribbon cutting nonetheless and the lights will be on, rain, snow, sleet and whatever that phrase is and sun, if you can join us tomorrow at 5:30, if you can't keep a look out and the lights will be on most evenings from sunset to sunrise and so it should be really cool >> for those attending there will be a tent. >> yeah, for those attending there will be shelter. and i don't know if we have other than that. but, yeah, renee never does a bad job on these things so we will be well taken care of, so it will be a treat for those of us who can attend. >> and lastly, on, i didn't write down the date. on march first and second, the 2014, san francisco history expo, is being held at the old mint, this is a weekend expo that show cases 60 diverse bay area historical and cultural
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organizations. and this year, we are proud to know that the bethlehem shipyard museum will be featured as one of the exhibiters at the san francisco expo. and the bethlehem museum is a newly under way museum that is preserving the history of the industrialization of the san francisco bay area from 1849 to the present and so they have show cased things like the building of the bridges but also the building of the shipyard and the ships that were built in the bay and including richmond and other industrialization like that and they have been given the opportunity to tell their story and exhibit their ar facts, march first and second at the old mint and we will get a chance to see that and that concludes my report. >> thank you. >> next israel em, commissioner reports? >> public comment? >> sorry.
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>> i have exciting news to report back, that the port of san francisco, recently won the california maritime leadership award and the 2013, honorary of merit and also try to play vanna here. and that was with this past week, up in sacramento and it was the california maritime leadership similar syposium and we started off with a commissioner's lunch and the director of the governor's office of business development was the keynote speaker and we were joined by representatives from or commissioners from i think every port in the state of california, okay land, stockton, and los angeles, and others, and we had the port staff that came and joined us
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as well, peter daily and jim, maloney and commissioner adams was there as well and included several members of the iowuu at the commission's lunch which was significant for everyone to break bread together. >> it was the best attended ever and had some really terrific presentations throughout the day. one of the keynote addresses was from leslie breakly the executive director from the america gateways and corridors and we had members of the core presenting and right of others and then that evening was when the port of san francisco received our award at a reception and included the members of the state legislature, and many of their staff, so that was exciting and then the port of san francisco, actually gave an award out, as well as being the recipients
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and given an award to katz who is the founder of the maritime and he is stepping down from that and we were able to honor him on his great work for the ports of california. and so it was wonderful and appreciated that they gave the award to the port of san francisco. any other commissioner's reports? >> commissioner adams? >> i also got to attend that with president katz and i wanted to say that she did an excellent job representing the port of san francisco at the lunch in and also at the reception that we were honored at and i also had the opportunity to meet with the new speaker of the california assembly, she is the first openly gay woman speaker of the assembly and we met with her and it is funny that a lot of times you assume that the politicians have been to the port and represents the port of
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san diego and she has never been to a port before, it is amazing that a lot of times, politicians represent things they know nothing about and have to depend on their staff. so what i did was i invited her to the port of san francisco and she accepted. and she said that they like to come here and do the port of san francisco and do a tour and she was engaged and she says, really i am open as a new speaker of the assembly, because i want to learn more, and i understand that i can only do so much on the state level but to work with the federal level because i am concerned about the ports and transportation in california. and also, told her that we set up a tour for her in the port of san diego and so that was good to build the relationships with politicians from the ground floor up. and to also to educate them as we educate ourselves and also spoke from the governor's office and i made mention to him that it is good that the governor went ko china, but i go, how can you go to china you never take labor with you. we have load and unload these ships we know just as much as
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infrastructure as the people in business and we are the ones that make the ports flow and handling the cargo in and out of the ports, you have to remember that close to a trillion dollars go through the ports and the union is the life blood and the spark plug to make that happen, you not only take business people and burr crats but you take the working class like my union, the iow that understands this and we have been doing this for 78 years and we can understand it and so thank you. >> commissioner did you want to mention your evening at the ymca? >> i had an opportunity and i was invited by commissioner brandon and she is a very, very humble lady and she was honored by the bay view, ymca and also her in the new chief of police in officer but it was an honor to go the bay view ymca to see the work that she has done in
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the community as her life work and she not only talks the talk but walks the walk, but also timothy was also there beside her and he does a lot of work and our units made a donation for the kids and there was a guy there from the golden state warriors and he was from nigeria and his parents were there and i found it good that he along with commissioner brandon and others were honored for the work to the community and these are the people that i consider unsung heroes that don't want any publicity. he is actually out there working every day and doing something and enriching the lives of the kids in the bay view and making that area a better area and i want to commend her and thank you for all of her hard work. >> very well deserved honor. >> thank you. >> and i just wanted to say that i am really looking forward to the bay view tomorrow, and it is exciting art project and it is one of
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many that will be coming to the south east sector of the city and i am just really excited about it and so hopefully everyone can come out. >> commissioner woo ho? i have not been invited to anything in the last couple of weeks that i want to report on. >> but i will keep my comments for further meetings. >> i think that everybody being said i just want to commend commissioner brandon and thank you, and katz for their comments. >> and behalf of all of the commissioners we wish cfo forbes a speedy recovery from her serious run in with a horse. hopefully she will mend rapidly. >> that concludes. and next item. >> public comment? >> okay. >> item 7 a... >> actually i am sorry. we have one last item. commissioner adams reminded me as well, that we attended the
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ceremony which was the first time in the port of a ship asmura and we are invited to do a plaque exchange with them and i want to thank peter daily and others who arranged a really terrific event with the port of san francisco. and the cruise ship the captain and fell in love, all over again with san francisco, and he had not been here in many years, and it was a really wonderful, opportunity to show case our city in the ports and we were glad to have them back in san francisco, or in san francisco, for the first time. >> okay. >> item 7 a, informational presentation for a limited request for proposals for a retail space located at pier 33 north on the embarcadero on the foot of bay street which will be issued competitively on a target basis to the small businesses currently working with the san francisco
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community-based organizations. >> good afternoon, commissioners. susan ren olds, deputy director for real estate. my informational presentation today proposes a pilot program to expand the port's request for proposal or rsp opportunities to local business enterprises. and lbes. and historically, the port retail sites, that have come up for an rfp, have required large capitol injection to bring them to a habitable condition and that is a hurtle for most of our lbes. and the port is fortunate to have a retail site that has been renovated and here it is, it is the pier 33 and a half. and it is in a condition that would not require a large capitol injection. to assist the port in helping to identify candidates for this
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rfp, the port is proposing to out reach to cities community based organization, or cbos, and that are in the business of assisting small businesses to start and grow. the port is proposing a pilot program that would distribute this rfp on a targeted basis through the cbos. the port will require that the respondents to this retail opportunity be clients of within of the city's cbos and continue to reach ongoing technical assistance. the cbo, will not have any obligations for the lease other than providing the ongoing technical assistance to their client. the port desires a retail use that serves the water front visitor and neighbor and local workers, locally made foods and goods for sale will be ideal.
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there are no cooking or venting amendties available in this facility and so the full service restaurant would not be practical here. and this is a warm shell, which means that the facility is improved to the walls and floors, and ready for tenant-funded improvements. and there are two spaces available, and you can see them here. the one on the left is 512 square feet, and that the other adjacent facility is 1430 square feet and these are open and i will show you pictures of facilities that can accommodate, actually more than one, 2, or 3, tenants if they would want to partner together to form a collaboration and they could present something similar to what is down stairs
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and the small kiosks that would sell their goods and services. the responses to the rfp, will be a value weighted by a panel that is formed of community members that are most qualified to help respond to these applicants that will be interested in responding to the rfp. the leases will be for a term of up to 5 years, and at a market rate, for retail, which includes a base rent or a percentage of rent which ever is greater, port staff will return to the commission, on april 8, to seek approval for this concept and move forward with issuing the rfp. and th


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